46-54 Old London Road: A proposal by MacCarthy & Stone

44 supported one and two bedroom flats of Lifetime Homes standards

Planning register
Application number: BH2016/01961

The flats can only be occupied by over 70s.

The development would include:
parking spaces for staff, residents and visitors
as well as communal gardens.
Restaurant and dining room 365 days a year
Close to shops, a post office and public transport.
The plans have been submitted to Brighton & Hove City Council.

If you would like to comment on the plans the following issues can be taken into account:
the proposal complies with the Council’s planning policies
the proposed use is suitable for the area
the appearance and size of the building is appropriate
adjoining residents will suffer overshadowing, overlooking or loss of privacy
There will be an increase in noise and disturbance e.g. from extra traffic

Issues which cannot be taken into account:

loss of view
loss of property value
The Council will approve an application unless there are good planning reasons for refusal.
Conditions may be attached to a consent to cover points which may be of concern.

McCarthy & Stone say that they design their schemes to express an individual character of their own, to fit in comfortably with the surrounding area.